Dorien van Diemen

Welcome to this Website

I mainly paint portraits and people in their workplaces. I love to paint directly from the subject, in my studio or on location.

This gives me the opportunity to become more engrossed in what I like to paint and therefore able to make adjustments accordingly, with the objective of achieving life, movement and a likeness in my work.

I started to paint people at work in 1996 when my parents were planning to retire from their work in their printery. Painting in the workplace felt immediately good. To capture my parents in their own environment, in that moment of time, doing exactly what they had been doing all those years, made the painting more personal than I expected. This painting became no.1 from the series "Mens & Werk" (People & Work), together comprising 20 paintings from very diverse workplaces, all made on the same format 40 x 45 cm. and each painted in one day on location. The Amsterdam Historic Museum realised that this theme also had a historical value and exhibited some of the series.

It became clear to me that in Amsterdam a lot of businesses were being forced out of the city (like in many other cities) due to increasing regulation. The trading city of Amsterdam started to change and in 1999 I started on another series of paintings of these old work places before they either moved away or ceased to exist.

In 1998 I produced a series of work from Scotland showing both traditional and very modern industries.

The last few years have seen an increasing emphasis on portraiture culminating in 2001 with an invitation to join "Het Nederlands Portretschap" (The Dutch Portrait Group) and several subsequent exhibitions with this group.

At present I am working on portrait commissions and am involved with the organisation XXLArt, which at the moment is in the midst of a project to record the entire coastline of the Netherlands on canvas.